No, the data provided by C4Gnet.XYZ is satellite data oriented in the datum chosen by the user, usually NAD83 in Louisiana. The second most chosen datum is ITRF.

Projections are the method used to “project” positions from the “round” earth onto a flat plane so it can be mapped on a sheet of paper. There are many and they range from super-simple to ridiculously complex depending upon the purpose.

When a surveyor makes a plat of a piece of property and assigns a coordinate to one corner (say X=1000, Y=1000, Z=100) and draws the property on the map he has created a local projection – super-simple.

When scientists want to compare land or water areas, or NASA wants to plot satellite orbits, more complex projections are used.

The standard projections used for most surveying and mapping in the U.S.A. are State Plane Coordinates. These have been promulgates since the early part of the 20th century for NAD27, revised after NAD83, and are being readied for NATRF22. These may usually be found in users’ software (PC or DC) and chosen from a list.

(At this moment (May 26, 2024), the legislation for the Louisiana Plane Coordinate system has passed both houses of the legislature and is scheduled for concurrence on 05/28/2024.)

Once signed, it will become effective when the NGS/NOAA promulgates NATRF 2022 and thereafter:

“The official geodetic datums for geodetic coordinates referenced within the state shall be as defined by the National Spatial Reference System established by the National Geodetic Survey of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or its successors.”

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