The NGS OPUS tool is now using GEOID12 for improved NAVD 88 orthometric heights!

alert! Current frame solutions are consistent with newly-adjusted NGS datasheets. 
alert! Prior frame access will expire on 15 July, 2012.

The GULFNet Real Time Network runs a constrained adjustment to the prior NGS reference frame which is NAD 83 (CORS96) Position (Epoch 2002.0) and is the basis for the NAD 83(2007) adjustment. This reference frame will become obsolete on July 15th, 2012. Due to this, C4G will be taking GULFNet RTN offline on July 16th and reconfiguring the equipment to become backup servers for the C4Gnet RTN running on a constrained adjustment to the current NGS reference frame.

All C4G Real Time Network clients should be switching over to the C4Gnet RTN if they are currently using the GULFNet RTN as this system will not be available after July 15th, 2012.

C4Gnet RTN data are based on the new reference NGS CORS coordinates in IGS08 epoch 2005.00 and NAD 83(2011) Position (Epoch 2010.00) adjustment.

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