In short, no. While we will try to help, we are not versed in every hardware/software combination, which is more rightly the responsibility of the GNSS dealer that sold you the rover through whatever support arrangement you have with them. When you receive login credentials from us via email when you first start working with C4Gnet.XYZ includes the key things you will need to put in the settings of your field data collector software, like the NTRIP host address, port, username, and password. In general, you are looking for any screen in your software with keywords like ‘NTRIP’ or 'Network', 'Corrections', or ‘Caster’.

Through years of support calls, we may have a general idea of what different manufacturers call different settings in their software and we will try to help if we can, but the best bet for settings help is to ask the vendor first. If the vendor gives you the new gear with the settings preset, we recommend you go over those (in detail) with them. Becoming familiar with the settings and how to change them if needed can help avoid getting stuck in the field trying to figure things out. For example, if someone has changed your settings or if you need to change them for other reasons,

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