Real-Time Carrier Phase Ambiguity Resolution for GPS/GLONASS Reference Station Networks
Development of an improved empirical model for slant delays in the troposphere (GPT2w)
Testing of global pressure/temperature (GPT) model and global mapping function (GMF) in GPS analyses
A Precision Ag Primer from Delta Data Systems
A Real Time GPS Reference Network for Cadastral Surveys in Recife Brazil
Design and Implementation of a Real Time Gps Network for the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
Development of SydNET Permanent Real-time GPS Network
First results from Virtual Reference Station (VRS) and Precise Point Positioning (PPP) GPS research at the Western Australian Centre for Geodesy
Fitting Gravimetric Geoid Models to Vertical Deflections
Real-Time GPS Network Analysis Using the IGS Ultra-Rapid Satellite Orbits Applied for Displacements Monitoring
Using The Virtual Reference Stations (Vrs) Concept For Long-Range Airborne Gps Kinematic Positioning
Wireless Network Sends Real-Time Kinematic GPS Differential Signals Enabling New Applications
A methodology for long-term offshore structural health monitoring using stand-alone GNSS: case study in the Gulf of Mexico
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