GULFNet LSU Center for GeoInformatics invites qualified professionals* to join the C4G Real-Time Network! C4G RTN is a network of Continually Operating GPS Reference Stations (CORS) that delivers Real Time Network error corrections for GPS data providing the next step of sophistication serving the aims of research in surveying, geology, subsidence, hurricane safety engineering and much more. C4G RTN provides real-time data for use by surveyors, construction crews, precision farming and others with appropriate equipment and training to further enable uniform ties to the National Spatial Reference System (NSRS) in Louisiana.

LSU C4G Real-Time Network (RTN) presently consists of over sixty CORS distributed throughout the state that allow 
RTN members to login and start working anywhere in the state of Louisiana. C4G RTN members can also subscribe to a post processing service that has access to 1 second RINEX data from any or the CORS in the network and the ability to create Virtual Reference Stations anywhere in the state and generate RINEX files on the fly for these locations. C4G RTN has deployed the infrastructure to support the GLONASS satellite system and members can currently access GLONASS subnets anywhere in the state of Louisiana.

Follow the "Read More" link below so YOU TOO can join
C4G RTN membership!

*Please note:
All members will receive the same benefits and must agree to the same commitments. Membeship is limited to licensed professional land surveyors, hydro-surveyors or professional engineers. Proper use of C4G RTN Services require specialized training and knowledge of professional standards and practices. Possession of such skills and training shall be assumed if licensee is a licensed professional land surveyor, hydro-surveyor or professional engineer. GIS providers, contractors and other precision minded GPS professionals must receive prior written approval from LSU C4G to use C4G RTN Services.

  • Academic users must pursue research collaborative agreements with LSU C4G or a memo of understanding from the LSU College of Engineering.
CLICK HERE to find the membership option that meets your needs at the C4G Web Store and start using the C4G RTN TODAY!

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