The LSU Center for GeoInformatics (C4G) continues its partnership with the USGS and FEMA to help accurately document high water marks following events like the flooding just experienced in south Louisiana. When events like this occur, the USGS receives a mission assignment from FEMA tasking them with collecting elevations of high water marks in the affected areas.

In March of this year C4G provided the vertical control needed to collect high water marks when heavy rains caused flash flooding across many areas of northern Louisiana. C4G was originally asked by USGS for help the beginning in August of 2012 following Hurricane ISAAC. The LSU Center for GeoInformatics provided USGS field crews with temporary access to its Real-Time Network (RTN), known as C4Gnet, to collect the data they need according to the FEMA Mission Assignment issued.

Once again, in the wake of the August 2016 flooding in southern Louisiana USGS has been tasked by FEMA with mission assignments to deploy numerous USGS crews in the Comite, Amite, Tangipahoa, Tickfaw, Vermillion and other basins further west to survey upwards of 600 - 800 high water marks using the C4Gnet RTN to correct all positions collected.

The USGS is a yearly subscriber to the Real-Time Network services offered by the Center for GeoInformatics but when events such as the recent flooding occur, C4G is ready and willing to step up and provide the additional temporary resources USGS needs to collect accurate data especially when public safety is at stake.

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