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Real-Time Carrier Phase Ambiguity Resolution for GPS/GLONASS Reference Station Netw Real-Time Carrier Phase Ambiguity Resolution for GPS/GLONASS Reference Station Networks HOT

In this paper two procedures for ambiguity resolution, suitable for real-time implementations, in GPS/GLONASS reference station networks are suggested. The first procedure is single-epoch ambiguity resolution after an ambiguity is initialized. As the distance-dependent errors (atmosphere errors and orbit errors) exhibit a high degree of temporal correlation for short time spans, the double-differenced residuals can be represented as a linear function of time for short periods of up to a few minutes. On an epoch-by-epoch and satellite-by-satellite basis these systematic errors (or biases) can be estimated using previous measurements with fixed ambiguities, and precisely predicted for use in ambiguity resolution during the following measurement epochs. The second procedure is suitable for a newly risen satellite, or after a long data gap. Atmospheric biases also exhibit strong spatial correlations between satellite pairs. The atmospheric delay information derived from other satellites, with fixed ambiguities, can be used in predicting the atmospheric bias for a newly risen satellite, and for those satellites that have unknown ambiguities associated with them. A test data set from a GPS/GLONASS reference station network was used to evaluate the performance of these procedures. The experimental results show that the proposed procedures can reliably and efficiently resolve the integer ambiguities of reference station networks, in real-time, on a single-epoch basis.


Liwen Dai, Jinling Wang, Chris Rizos and Shaowei Han
School of Geomatic Engineering
University of New South Wales
Syndey, NSW 2052

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