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Design and Implementation of a Real Time Gps Network for the Metropolitan Water District of Southern Califo Design and Implementation of a Real Time Gps Network for the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California HOT

MWDRTN utilizes continuous GPS (CGPS) sites that were installed (1995 to 2002) by the Southern California Integrated GPS Network for seismic and crustal motion research and several newly installed (2004) sites from Earthscope’s Plate Boundary Observatory project. Some of the SCIGN stations were previously converted to real-time operations, with the raw 1 Hz data recorded at SOPAC for earthquake monitoring. Each of the approximately 20 CGPS sites chosen for the network (scattered across both Riverside and San Bernardino Counties) are equipped with a wireless LAN (WiLAN) radio, a data buffer and appropriate antenna, cables, etc. The sites communicate with the MWD enterprise communications backbone via the WiLAN radios on an IP-based system. The data are collected at a main server using Geodetics, Inc’s RTD (Real Time Dynamics) software, a server/client application providing users with precise instantaneous network positioning through TCP/IP (cell phone modems).

The primary objective of installing this network is the increase in labor efficiency (and therefore cost savings) that we expect to achieve. MWD has a large workload of projects, undertaken by both employees and contractors. MWD will gain from the ability of both work forces to utilize the RTN for conjoint projects. Productivity should increase by utilizing oneperson crews and by having access to instantaneous turn around for construction projects and emergency repairs. Using RTD’s network-based approach we will also achieve better accuracy and reliability than using a standard RTK-based solution, by allowing users access to instantaneous multiply determined position solutions.


This paper will describe the network design, first phase of installation, and initial results.

Cecilia Whitaker
Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, USA

Yehuda Bock** and Glen Offield
Scripps Institution of Oceanography, USA


Cecilia Whitaker, PLS
Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, USA
700 Moreno Avenue, La Verne, California 91750
Ph: 909-392-2591, Fax: 909-392-2464; 
** Also at Geodetics, Inc., San Diego, California

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