The National Geodetic Survey (NGS) has completed publication of NAD 83 (2011) epoch 2010.00 coordinates and has released the GEOID12 hybrid geoid model. The 2011 coordinates are now available on NGS Datasheets for all control stations included in the Multi-Year CORS Solution and the National Adjustment of 2011 Project.
In addition, on July 3, NGS began the publication process for the Gulf Coast Height Modernization Project. Until this process is complete, please be aware that orthometric heights for the Gulf Coast region may be inconsistent with other data on NGS Datasheets. NGS expects to conclude the Gulf Coast Height Modernization data publication by close of business on July 3.

The newly-completed National Adjustment of 2011 Project (NA2011) adjusts approximately 80,000 passive National Spatial Reference System (NSRS) coordinates and the updated NAD83(2011) epoch 2010.00 coordinates are currently available on NGS Datasheets. Geoid12 was released concurrently with NAD83(2011).

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