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  • PCTEL, Inc., a Bloomingdale, Illinois-based manufacturer of Performance Critical TELecom solutions, announced today (August 14, 2017) its new multi-band LTE/Wi-Fi/GNSS antenna with a sub-inch profile. The antenna combines PCTEL's high rejection multi-GNSS technology for precision timing and location tracking with high performance multi-band data connectivity, according to the company. The antenna is also designed to be rugged and easy to install, making it ideal for covert public safety operations, precision agriculture, and the Industrial internet of things (IoT).

  • By now, we’ve all heard plenty about the upcoming eclipse of the sun. On Monday, August 21, all of North America will be treated to an eclipse of the sun, and the rare event is creating quite a buzz, so much so that NASA developed a website to offer guidance and has issued a statement about its effect on GNSS users.

LSU C4G Real-Time Network Status Messages

Alert in Region C4Gnet Statewide GLNnoLA subnet GLNsoLA subnet »»
SubjectStart DateEnd Date
Problems with vertical positions 4/20/20164/21/2016
We are seeing an unusual vertical bias in network positions today and we are actively looking into the problem. If you are collecting important vertical positions with the RTN today please be extra careful and double check with known control points. We will update as we learn more on this issue.

Second Galileo FOC Satellite Reaches Corrected Orbit »»

The European Space Agency (ESA) announced today (March 13, 2015) that second Galileo full operational capability (FOC) satellite launched into the wrong orbit last August has now entered its corrected target orbit, which will allow detailed testing to assess the performance of its navigation payload.

Interest Grows in GPS III Follow-On Competition »»
Rohde & Schwarz adds ERA-GLONASS Emergency Call Functionality to Test Solutions Offerings »»

Rohde & Schwarz is offering a standard compliant test solution for manufacturers and suppliers of automatic Russia’s new ERA-GLONASS in-vehicle emergency call systems.

Launch of IRNSS-1D Delayed Due to Technical Problem »»

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has postponed launch of the fourth Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System spacecraft (IRNSS-1D), originally scheduled for March 9, due to an anomaly. During integrated electrical checks of the  PSLV-C27 launch vehicle and IRNSS-1D after the closure of heat shield on March 3, an anomaly was observed in one of the telemetry transmitters of the satellite.

UAV Want List (with GNSS Already on Board): A Coherent Regulatory Framework for Europe »»
Rx Networks Announces New Version of Its GNSS Extended Ephemeris Solution »»

Vancouver, Canada–based Rx Networks Inc., announced the upcoming release of its GPStream PGPS v8 extended ephemeris solution yesterday (March 2, 2015) at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

Australian Aviation Agency Launches Trial of GNSS-Aided Aircraft Tracking »»
Simulator Manufacturer Flags Leap Second Issue »»

Differences between BeiDou and GPS and Galileo in designation of a “day number” for the date of applying leap second later this year could cause problems for GNSS receiver manufacturers, according to UK-based simulator provider Racelogic.

FCC Issues New Rules on E911 Location Standards, Options Besides GNSS »»
Key Decision on Troubled GPS OCX Program’s Future May Come This Summer »»
GNSS Vulnerability Scores at Wide-Ranging INC 2015 »»
Unsatisfied with ICAO’s Pace, Congress May Push U.S. Aircraft Tracking Requirement »»
Hailing GNSS, UK Event Offers Alternatives When It Fails »»

A range of new technologies for indoor positioning and navigation were unveiled at the International Navigation Conference (INC) 2015 held this week (February 24–26) in Manchester, England.
Organized by the Royal Institute of Navigation (RIN), the premier event in this new conference series focused on GNSS, its strengths and weaknesses.

FAA, White House Lay Out Path for Small UAS Operations »»
White House Drone Incident Highlights Growing Use of UAVs »»

The latest high-profile incident involving a drone — the January 26 discovery of a crashed quadcopter on the White House lawn — highlights how far events have gotten ahead of regulatory plans and policy for unmanned aerial systems (UAS).


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