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Building Up On Railway Coordin Building Up On Railway Coordinates HOT

This text starts by describing some of the fundamental components in the use of absolute coordinates in railways:
- The development for track work where absolute coordinate use was initiated (ch. 1);
- a rough overview of the reference data components (ch. 2);
- the potential of generalising the “work process approach” successfully implemented in the track domain to support the overall “infrastructure work process” (ch. 3).

The paper then focuses on the outcome of the “railway project 2009” meeting (ch 4) and the results of follow-up discussions (ch. 5), this by taking into account the statement given by the geodesy experts, that referencing the coordinate data to ETRS89 would allow the railway companies to move towards full data interoperability at a 1 cm-precision level. Some personal feed-backs (ch. 6) clearly shows that the subject initiated by the “railway project 2009” is a potential starting point of an important ongoing work, to be dealt with by the railway companies, to enhance data interoperability. Ideally it might be accomplished by the interdisciplinary, international teamwork, involving the experts in direct interaction with the industry and with the railway management. An outlook on the ongoing technical and organisational subjects to be deepened concludes (ch. 7) the work done.

TS 6H Engineering Survey I
Théo ENGEL (Switzerland), Bodo LAHR (Germany), Jürg KAUFMANN (Switzerland)

FIG Congress 2010
Facing Challenges – building the capacity
Sydney, Australia, 11-16 April 2010

Key words
Track work, absolute railway coordinates, reference data, infrastructure work process, “railway project
2009“, interoperability of railway infrastructure data at highest quality level based on absolute coordinates,
expert feed-back.

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